IDCP Scotland started

IDCP Group recently founded a startup in Glasgow to set up research and development activities in close cooperation with the University of Strathclyde (UoS) and NHS Scotland. UoS alumnus Jamie Thomson joined the company as managing director and has intitiated first R&D projects such as the Acuity testing suite. 

TNO investment

TNO, the dutch research organisation, has made an investment in RetinaScope through its Technology Transfer office. TNO is one of the development partners of RetinaScope BV.

Press on RetinaScope

Following the investment by Innovation Fund North Holland (INH), the regional newspaper Noord-Hollands Dagblad featured CEO Jan Boers: "We want to allow screening on diabetic retinopathy  as much as possible".

RetinaScope BV
Impuls 29 
1446 WC Purmerend 
The Netherlands