The screening of the retina of diabetic patients to detect diabetic could be much easier, faster and cheaper if General Practitioners (GPs) could make use of a low cost and easy to use digital camera, service platform and artificial intelligence based algorithms.

The companies Eyehelp, RetinaScope and Deepdee have started a project to jointly improve the eye care trajectory for diabetic retinopathy by developing a platform for GPs, patients, ophthalmologists and optometrists. EyeHelp is setting up the software to be used by GPs and testing the service. RetinaScope will provide the digital retina cameras. DeepDee is developing machine learning artificial intelligence based algorithms to support the analysis of the images and the diagnosis.

The goal of the project is to reduce the time and cost involved for patients, help GPs to improve their diabetes care and reduce the waiting lists for ophthalmology specialists.

The project is supported by an MIT R&D grant from the Province of North Holland.

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